About Dawn

I’m an EKG tech, former 16+ year CNA, and a devoted Deadhead (as in the Grateful kind). I write and play with HTML and CSS. I’m an Autism Mom. My musical tastes span genres from jam bands, blues, 80’s hair bands, and metal to yes, even country. I enjoy pretty much anything with good guitar jams and a beat. My favorite places to be usually involve live music outdoors.

I’m a former homeschooling Mom of over 19 years, usually happily but sometimes not. My youngest two have graduated. I’m also a Gramma, 10 (yes, T-E-N) times. I am an “exvangelical”– a deconverted Evangelical Christian. I left the church in 2012 and began the journey to gaining back my self-respect and autonomy in 2013. These days I fall in the realm of liberal, feminist, and agnostic atheist. (I always was the first two, I just didn’t speak my mind very often in church circles.)

My husband and I have been married for 28 years and we make our home in Eastern Washington. It is the land of four seasons, two of which I despise. (The hot one and the cold, snowy one.) I’m a coastal girl trapped in the Inland Northwest but future plans include a move to saltier air and milder seasons sometime in the next few years.

I started out blogging around 1998 back before blogging existed, with a GeoCities website. I took it apart, taught myself some HTML, and tried my hand at blogging on Blogger, WordPress, BraveJournal, and even HomeschoolBlogger. I found that WordPress suited me best, and stuck with it from 2004 to the present day. The blogging community has changed–and nearly disappeared– with the spread of social media. I still like blogs best. I can’t promise I’ll write regularly, but I will write.