About Dawn

I’m a Certified EKG tech, a former 16+ year CNA, a BS-HCA student at Purdue Global, and a devoted Deadhead (as in the Grateful kind). I enjoy writing and nearly always have music playing. My musical tastes span genres from jam bands, blues, 80’s hair bands, and metal to yes, even country. I enjoy pretty much anything with good guitar jams and a beat. My favorite places to be usually involve live music outdoors.

I’m a former homeschooling Mom of over 19 years, usually happily but sometimes not. My youngest two have graduated. I’m also a Gramma, 10 (yes, T-E-N) times. I am an “exvangelical”– a deconverted Evangelical Christian. I left the church in 2012 and began the journey to gaining back my self-respect and autonomy in 2013. These days I fall in the realm of liberal, feminist, and agnostic atheist. (I always was the first two, I just didn’t speak my mind very often in church circles.)

My husband and I have been married for 28 years and we make our home in Eastern Washington. It is the land of four seasons, two of which I despise. (The hot one and the cold, snowy one.) I’m a coastal girl trapped in the Inland Northwest but future plans include a move to saltier air and milder seasons after I graduate from college.

I support women’s rights, teaching consent beginning in early childhood, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ rights, and plant medicine along with the legalization of cannabis and psilocybin. We only grow if we allow ourselves to change and in order to change you have to make space. These plants help us do that.