Mother’s Day

As we prepare to head out for church this morning, I think know what to expect. It’s Mother’s Day after all.

The sermon will somehow be linked to the importance of mothers. It may be on Titus 2 or Proverb 31. I might be focused on a particular woman, such as Naomi, or even Mary, mother of Jesus.

It’s a lovely day, Mother’s Day. Sometimes.

If you aren’t a mother and desperately want to be, then it may be salt in a wound. If you had a wonderful mother who was taken from you far too soon, as I had, it hurts equally.

It is hurt with a face and a voice that echoes dimly in memories. Her laugh– I remember that– and the way her blue eyes glinted when she was amused. This is what Mother’s Day brings up for me.

I have my own children– many of them in fact. But Mother’s Day always makes my heart hurt. I lost my Mom when I was in a stage of life that I really needed her. I was 5 months pregnant with my second child, and newly divorced. It was a time of upheaval and Mom always helped keep my thoughts lined up and pressing on. When I lost her, I felt like I was free-falling for several years. My (new) husband was my rock, but I know at times he felt helpless.

Be gentle to your friends and others on Mother’s Day. It isn’t always the joyful, sweet day that we would like it to be.

My son just came up behind me as I type this, and gave me a hug, telling me “Happy Mother’s Day Mom, I love you.” It helps. I love them so much.

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