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Love Shouldn't Hurt

Love Shouldn’t Hurt

Listen, ladies. If a man that you are with talks like he owns you, you have cause for concern. Yes, you may have lived with it for years. Decades, even. But when you start noticing that his remarks hit differently, there is a reason for it. Love shouldn’t hurt.

Cupcakes with cherries on them that look like breasts

BRCA… What?

Getting a mammogram IS taking care of yourself. Family history plays a large part in the possibility of getting cancer, but the BRCA test and a mammogram are your best offense so that you will know your risk.

Deconstruction And Therapy and Why You Should Choose a Secular Counselor

Deconstruction and Therapy

I could never have come through all of this with a Christian counselor. Dealing with trauma, emotional things, marital problems, etc while going through deconstruction simply cannot be handled by someone who is committed to first and foremostly “saving lost sheep.” You are not a project. You are not a salvation target. You are a person and you need to be heard and taught how to walk through your own life.