nursing home resident in a wheelchair

8 Lessons from the Nursing Home

The way you live your life will affect the way your family feels when you die. People who make their families a priority when they are young, have families who make them a priority when they are old.

I See Color.

I See Color. You are lying if you say that you don’t. What I don’t see is a difference in the humanity of one race over another, justifying the disparity in treatment of POC.

Tale of Two Zima

Once upon a time, there were two Zima.
They didn’t start out as two, no, they were 4 leftovers from a 6-pack, to begin with. They were excited to attend their first barbecue, brought along by a Happy Couple to bless the household. They weren’t aware that their hosts had never before tested them, so they were therefore unknown. They were just happy to go along for the ride. It was 1996 and barbecues were fun!