Faith Deconstruction

Christian Aversion to Sex Education

Our kids do not deserve to be misled. Abstinence-only and biology-based sex ed is sadly ineffective and lacking important information that teenagers need. Issues like consent, gender identity, boundaries, and healthy sexual choices need to be taught by those who have been trained to do so, or at the very least are willing to educate themselves in order to teach our teens.

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On Dying Without God

Christians would say that I should “pray that he would come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ before he meets God.” There was a time when that would have been my Number One Priority. I would have hounded him and made him absolutely miserable until he caved and “gave his life to Christ”, even on his deathbed.

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No Ringy, No Dingy

No Ringy, No Dingy: The Time Parents Interrupted Purity Culture. When the youth pastor became too emphatic about having sex on his wedding night, we parents stepped in.